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Why Choose Root Canal Treatment over an Extraction?

Sometimes fear, busy schedules, or finances prevent a patient from choosing to undergo Root Canal Therapy; that is why some patients elect to extract the tooth.  However, this decision can cause long term changes that affect the entire mouth.  When a tooth is pulled rather than treated with root canal therapy, a space is left behind causing the surrounding teeth to shift from their normal position over time. Shifted teeth may interfere with normal biting and chewing function, and may make your teeth more difficult to keep clean. Areas in your mouth that are not cleaned well are more prone to gum disease and further decay.

Root canal treatment can prevent these problems by allowing you to keep your natural tooth. A natural tooth is almost always a better choice than a replacement tooth. And in the end, root canal treatment is usually less expensive than a replacement tooth.  Affordable Endodontic treatment is just a phone call away at the best dentist office in Dallas Tx.  Contact us by email or call us at (972)530-7979 to ask about root canal treatment in Garland, TX today!  

Endodontics & Root Canals -  Garland, TX
Restore teeth with Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal (Endodontic) Treatment

Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime and here at North Garland Family Dental, our goal is to help you keep your smile healthy and functional for years to come!  In years past, diseased or injured teeth often were pulled. But with today's modern dental techniques, even if the pulp inside one of your teeth is injured or infected (abscessed tooth), the tooth often can be saved through root canal (endodontic) treatment.  Root canal therapy involves the removal of the infected pulp, which can weaken the tooth. Therefore, Dr. Paterick or Dr. Snyder will typically recommend the placement of a crown on a tooth which has undergone root canal therapy to provide support and help protect it from further damage.  Dr. Paterick and Dr. Snyder are extremely gentle when performing root canal treatment to ensure our patients are comfortable throughout the procedure, but if you are nervous, we do offer oral medications  and/or Nitrous Oxide to help you feel relaxed during your treatment.

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Root Canal Treatment

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